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Innovative Dental Surgery & Extractions

Get rid of dental pain with tooth extractions and dental surgery from Plainville Dental Care in Plainville, Massachusetts. Our goal is to help you live pain-free.

Inserted Dental Implants - Dental Surgery

Dental Implant Pins - Dental Surgery

Gum Surgery

Eliminate gum disease for good with gum surgery. For this surgery, we anesthetize the patient, make an
incision, and expose the jaw bone to remove plaque buildup. This gives the body a chance to respond to the
treatment, which it does 99 percent of the time. 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When your wisdom tooth becomes symptomatic, causing crowding and pain, then it's time to come to us.
We use a local anesthetic for your safety. Depending on the impaction the wisdom tooth is in, patients heal
within two to six weeks. 

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions are performed when the tooth has broken into the gum line, or other medical conditions
that have caused the tooth to move. We anesthetize and make an incision to remove the tooth. Depending
on the healing process, it can take eight weeks for a diabetic patient, and four weeks for a non-diabetic
patient to recover. 

Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry services are great for replacing a missing tooth or for supporting denture work. For missing
teeth, we place posts or implants and put a crown on top of the tooth. Likewise, for dentures, we place posts
underneath to hold the denture.

Contact us for dental surgery options that are affordable and stress-free.